income tax calculators

Estimate your budget from a new job

Looking at a new job in a new place? Perhaps somewhere international? Check out our easy to use and up-to-date salary calculators that can estimate what your after tax, take home pay may possibly be and teach you about the income tax details for a particular location so that you can have a better idea of what to possibly expect.

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ecommerce seller calculators

Master the side hustle

Selling things online? Maximize your ecommerce potential and boost your competitive edge by gaining insight into the fees, profits, and breakeven prices when selling on popular online platforms like ebay, etsy, and more. Multiple countries fully supported.

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early retirement fire calculators

Visualize your journey to financial independence

Saving up for early retirement? Learn about how different actions may affect the compounding effect of your savings and estimate how soon you might be able to achieve financial independence and possibly retire early via self-sustaining investment returns.

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