About Us

Welcome to Investomatica! We’re here to help you better manage your time, money, and resources so that you can earn more and live better.

For most of us, our financial journey begins with paychecks from a job with which we manage and budget to then further fund investments, better tools, better gear, and potentially into side hustles, businesses, and even back into ourselves in the form of education.

Our resources and tools aim to demystify personal finance, investment strategies, and other potential income streams so that they can be as easy to understand as possible. Along with a focus that better reflects the modern generation, we aim to cover a wider range of topics than other traditional finance sites, some of which will also include the physical tools and tech gear we use day to day in our work, our businesses, and even in entertainment because we know that some well deserved down time to recharge is just as important as anthing to your wellbeing and future success.

Our goal and our mission is to empower a new generation of savers, investors, and normal everyday people with the tools, information, and insight needed to better navigate their financial environments towards success and get the most out of their hard earned money. We also want to broaden your horizons and introduce new investment and money making ideas that can potentially serve as multiple income streams.

We’re passionate about working hard to set you up for financial prosperity, whether that be diligently paying off student debt or cheerfully planning for retirement. In other words, we’re your shortcut to financial freedom.

Ultimately, it’s about you becoming the master of your future!

That being said, this site is not about “get rich quick” schemes. It’s about consistently making money work for you which may include creating multiple streams of income that are passive and active including stocks, bonds, real estate, businesses and other alternative investments less commonly discussed.

In the end, all investments and business ideas contain inherent risk. Most of what we say is a matter of opinion. You should carefully read the disclaimers before acting on any investment idea. What might be appropriate for some may not make sense for you. Everyone has their own unique situation.

Hopefully, you’ll learn something new from our educational resources and become a better saver, investor, and entrepreneur in the process. We enjoy putting effort into creating this site and hope you enjoy it just as much.