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Summary of Results

Enter your values into our calculator above to estimate what your fees and profit might potentially be when selling on StockX. You'll then get your projected results and a quick summary down here.

To learn more about stockx fees, see official estimated shipping costs according to location with which you can plug into our calculator, and other useful info, so that you can gain a deeper understanding of how they affect your sales, scroll down to the detail section below!

Investomatica's StockX Calculator

Mobile friendly and easy to use web application

  • A modern, clean and dynamic interface that's easy to use and works just as well on mobile phones as it does on desktop computers. No need for a separate and clunky app on your phone that wastes your storage space. Simply bookmark this page on your mobile browser and you're good to go! Many mobile browsers also let you pin bookmarks onto your home screen for the ultimate convenience. Our web application is also completely free to use.

Automatic calculations and saving

  • Our stockx fee calculator will automatically calculate and re-calculate as you enter and change values.
  • Visit often? Our calculator saves you time by automatically saving your last entered numbers and options so you can pick up right where you left off. Note that all data is only stored locally on your browser. If you want to reset the calculator, there's a handy "reset calculator" button. Alternatively, clearing your browser cache works too.

Breakeven Analysis

  • Our stockx profit calculator is the only one that includes breakeven analysis for every single scenario that can be configured given our list of options. Give yourself a much better idea of how to price your items and sales by knowing the minimum price required to make a profit. (Note that stockx requires all prices to be in whole numbers)
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Special Notes

  • If you notice that the fees have changed or if you notice a major miscalculation or error with our stockx fee calculator, feel free to direct message us on twitter and let us know.
  • Prices on stockx require a whole dollar amount without any cents. For example, setting a price of $11.05 would not be allowed while setting a price of exactly $11 would be. It's part of their premium brand image and philosophy. As a result, our stockx fee calculator only accepts whole dollar amounts for the "sold price" field.
  • When shipping an item to stockx as part of a sale, the shipping method and shipping fees are automatically chosen and calculated by stockx. In other words, sellers have no control over shipping. Continue reading below to see an official table of estimated shipping fees directly from stockx. This way, you know what to plug into the shipping field of our calculator.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is StockX?

StockX is an online marketplace for buying and selling 100% authentic, high value, high end, and sometimes rare items that include streetwear, sneakers, electronics, collectibles, trading cards, and accessories.

What makes StockX special?

The stockx platform is unique with their focus on ensuring that all items are 100% authentic and in almost pristine condition. To accomplish this, sellers do not sell and ship directly to buyers. Instead, sellers list items and when an item sells, they ship to stockx. This is where expert staff at stockx analyze and verify the quality and authenticity of each item. Assuming your item passes all checks, stockx will then ship the item over to the buyer and release the funds to you.

How are fees calculated on stockx?

Fees are calculated on stockx based on your item price, seller level, currency, and location. Making use of a stockx fee calculator makes understanding all of this a lot easier.

How much does StockX take in fees?

This depends on a lot of factors. There are some fixed fees related to minimums and shipping along with some percentage based fees. As far as the percentage based ones go, the cumulative percentage can range from around 9% to 13%. This stockx fee calculator provides the estimated fees you can expect to see.

Details about StockX Fees

Seller fees on stockx are relatively simple with three main types. They are the transaction fee, the payment processing fee, and the shipping fee. Both the transaction fee and shipping fee will vary based on several factors, but the payment processing fee is a simple flat rate of 3% of the item's selling price.

Transaction Fee

The transaction fee is a percentage based fee that varies based on your seller level.

The seller level is determined based on your selling performance. Each seller level requires a certain number of completed sales or total value of sales in USD. Only either one of these criteria has to be met in order to attain a seller level. To see your selling statistics, simply visit your profile page in your account settings within the stockx platform.

Your sales activity is continously analyzed each calendar quarter with it resetting at the end of each quarter. Once you fulfill the sales requirements and achieve a seller level, you receive the benefits immediately and will keep them for the current calendar quarter and the next calendar quarter.

LevelSales RequiredSales ($) RequiredBase Transaction Fee 







$500 (USD)




$1,500 (USD)




$5,000 (USD)




$30,000 (USD)



Minimum Transaction Fee

There is a minimum transaction fee of $9 USD regardless of the currency of the sale and type of item sold. This minimum is then automatically converted into your currency for you. Our calculator uses the latest daily conversion rates for your convenience.

Additional Discounts for Great Performance

StockX rewards those with great selling performance by providing additional discounts in the transaction fee. That said, these discounts only exist on seller level 4 and higher.

If you ship 95% of this month's sales on time, you'll get an additional 1% off in the form of a "successful ship bonus".

Additionally, if you also ship over 60% of the month's sales within 36 hours of the sale, you'll also earn another additional 1% off in the form of a "quick ship bonus".

To see your progress towards each bonus, simply visit the selling tab in your account settings within the stockx platform.

Shipping Fees for Sellers

Again, sellers do not ship directly to buyers on stockx. Instead, when a sale is made, sellers ship to stockx, where expert staff verify and authenticate your item before then shipping it out to the buyer.

The shipping label is provided by stockx. In other words, sellers have no control over the cost when shipping an item to stockx.

That said, stockx does provide estimates for shipping that you can use. (for example, to plug into the shipping field in our calculator above) The below table is provided by stockx and shows the estimated shipping rates depending on location.

Note that larger and heavier items may incur a higher shipping fee beyond the estimates. So it is always a good idea to make sure to have a decent amount of buffer space in your profit margins just in case.

If you are shipping multiple items in a single shipment to stockx, an additional bulk shipping fee may apply. The table below shows the estimated amounts depending on location.

Penalty Fee for Unfulfilled Sales

Those that fail to complete a sale to the satisfaction of stockx will receive a penalty fee for each unfulfilled sale. Your account is assessed each month and if penalized, this penalty fee is then charged in the following month.

The penalty fee is a flat 15% of the transaction price with a minimum of $15 USD. If you are using something other than USD, this will automatically be converted into your local currency.

This potential penalty only applies to those that have a seller level of 4 to 5 and fail either in shipping or item condition requirements for at least 10% of orders within a month.

For shipping, failure consists of those that ship outside the allotted time period (normally two business days) or those that don't ship in the item at all.

For item condition, failure consists of items that do not pass stockx quality and authenticity checks. If your item does not match descriptions or even goes as far as being a counterfeit, stockx explicitly says that they have no obligation of even returning the item back to you.

That said, our calculator does not include this penalty since the focus of our calculator is on completed sales and this penalty only applies to uncompleted sales.

Notes about VAT

Some regions outside of the United States may impose tax on the transaction in the form of Value Added Tax (VAT). VAT may apply on both the revenue and the fees.

Depending on the currency chosen, our stockx fee calculator will automatically show fields for VAT. If these apply to you, simply toggle the appropriate VAT fields.


  • While we try our best to stay up to date with changes in fee rules and structures, estimated results are just estimates. They are not a guarantee of future results. It is your responsibility to conduct your own due diligence before making any business decision. Nothing here constitutes advice.
  • If you notice that the fees have changed or if you notice a major miscalculation or error with our calculator, feel free to direct message us on twitter and let us know. However, if you have specific questions regarding your stockx account, please directly contact stockx support.

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