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Summary of Results

Enter your values into our calculator above to estimate what your fees and profit might potentially be when selling on ebay.com in the US. You'll then get your projected results and a quick summary down here.

To learn more about ebay fees in the US and to see neatly formatted tables of fees per item category, among other useful info, so that you can gain a deeper understanding of how they affect your sales, scroll down to the detail section below!

Investomatica's eBay Fee Calculator

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  • A modern, clean and dynamic interface that's easy to use along with better details and also works just as well on mobile phones as it does on desktop computers. No need for a separate and clunky app on your phone that wastes your storage space. Simply bookmark this page on your mobile browser and you're good to go! Many mobile browsers also let you pin bookmarks onto your home screen for the ultimate convenience. Our web application is also completely free to use.

Automatic calculations and saving

  • Our calculator will automatically calculate and re-calculate as you enter and change values.
  • Visit often? Our calculator saves you time by automatically saving your last entered numbers and options so you can pick up right where you left off. Note that all data is only stored locally on your browser. If you want to reset the calculator, there's a handy "reset calculator" button. Alternatively, clearing your browser cache works too.

Quickest to update when changes in fees happen

  • With a much more robust system in place that keeps track of when ebay makes unannounced changes to their fees and rates, our calculator is the quickest to incorporate new changes.

Breakeven Analysis

  • Our ebay profit calculator is the only one that includes breakeven analysis for every single scenario that can be configured given our list of options. Give yourself an advantage over your competition by having a much better grasp of where the breakeven point is so that you can have a much better idea of how to price your items and sales.
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Special Notes

  • If you notice that the fees have changed or if you notice a major miscalculation or error with our ebay fee calculator, feel free to direct message us on twitter and let us know.
  • The organization of fees is completely different when selling vehicles on eBay Motors. As a result, we've separated that into its own calculator as opposed to cramming everything into one. If you're interested in selling vehicles on eBay Motors, please check out our eBay Motors Calculator.
  • As of March 1, 2022, eBay has implemented most of their winter 2022 seller update. Some changes include increased final value fees in most categories and an increased below-standard penalty fee, among many other changes and new features.
  • Starting from winter 2021, ebay has removed all mentions of paypal integration and fees since their roll out for ebay managed payments has finished. Therefore, our calculator no longer provides an option to calculate associated paypal fees since no sellers are allowed to use paypal anymore and there is no longer any official information about it.
  • For our calculator, numbers are rounded to 2 decimal places in the normal fashion. (For example, 1.005 rounds to 1.01) Third-party calculators from other sources may round numbers in a different way and as a result may show slightly different numbers.
  • The "Business & Industrial" item category has a few subcategories ("Heavy Equipment", "Commercial Printing Presses" ,"Food Trucks, Trailers & Carts") that have a mandatory $20 insertion fee with no free insertion quotas regardless of any factor. As a result, we've included it within the ebay fee number in our calculations if you select that item category. Otherwise, insertion fees are not included in our calculator as most categories have rather sizeable free quotas.
  • There are certain categories that have a lower final value fee if the total amount of the sale is above a certain amount. As a result of this, there is no exact breakeven point (profit of zero) if your costs and prices are in a narrow band around the threshold point. In other words, there's a cutoff point where you either make money or you lose money. In these cases, our calculator provides the lowest sale price you'll need to be able to profit. (So don't be surprised if you take the breakeven price and plug it back into the calculator to see a positive profit amount instead of a zero.)

Frequently Asked Questions

How are fees calculated on ebay?

There are various types of fees when selling on ebay. Some of them are calculated based on a percentage amount, some of them are a fixed amount, and some of them combine both percentage and fixed amounts. Note that most percentage based fees include shipping and taxes in their calculations. Making use of an ebay fee calculator to handle these complex rules is a good idea.

What percentage does ebay take?

The main fee is called the final value fee and it varies based on the item category, whether you're an ebay store or not, what plan you're on (if you're an ebay store), and the price of the item. Depending on these factors, the percentage can range from 2.5% to 15%. For more details, check out our detail section below.

How much are ebay fees?

Ebay fees can range from 2.5% to 15% based on a long list of factors. This ebay fee calculator provides the estimated fees you can expect to see.

How does ebay calculate the final value fee?

ebay calculates the final value fee based on what they call the "total sale amount" which includes shipping. Sales tax is also included in the "total sale amount". Generally, a percentage is multiplied against this, then a fixed fee is sometimes added on top.

Details about eBay Fees and eBay Seller Fees

The primary seller fee that ebay charges is called the final value fee. This fee is calculated on the total sale amount which includes shipping plus sales tax and varies based on three main factors which are:

  • the item category
  • whether you're an ebay store or not
  • if you're an ebay store, what plan you're on

We've included two tables below that outline this selling fee in each of these scenarios.

The final value fee can be further modified depending on your seller status.

Top Rated Plus Sellers

For "Top Rated Plus" sellers, ebay provides a discount of 10% off the percentage portion of their final value fee which typically shows up at the end of the month when you receive your invoice. Note that ebay.com in the US is unique out of all the other ebay regions in that the "Top Rated Plus" seller status is a distinct and different level above the normal "Top Rated" seller status. The normal "Top Rated" level does not qualify for the 10% discount on ebay.com in the US. Only the "Top Rated Plus" level qualifies.

To qualify for the "Top Rated" level, you need to essentially have an account that has a good history of lots of successful sales and few issues. Top rated sellers can then qualify for the "Top Rated Plus" level if they offer fast shipping (same or one business day) and a generous return policy (30 day or longer free return period with money back option). Furthermore, there are many other various terms associated with how this "Top Rated Plus" discount works. For the rest of the details, please refer to ebay's documentation. When you select the "Top Rated Plus" option in our calculator, we're assuming you've checked and made sure you qualify for the discount.

Note that this discount is calculated off of your fees and not on the amount of the sale. For example, if the fee was originally 11%, your fees would not go to 1% with the "Top Rated Plus" 10% discount. The discount itself would simply be your fee multiplied by 10%, which would then be subtracted from your total fees.

Sellers not meeting performance expectations

On the other hand, "Below Standard" sellers (which ebay sometimes refers to as "sellers not meeting performance expectations") get a penalty in the way of an extra 6% fee on top of their existing final value fee. In contrast to the "Top Rated Plus" discount, this penalty fee is calculated off of the total amount of the sale.

Another form of sellers not meeting performance expectations are those that have "Item not as described" return requests marked as "Very High" in their service metrics dashboard within their seller hub interface on ebay. Sellers with this status are charged an additional 5% on the final value fees for sales in affected categories in the following calendar month.

Note that if your account has both of the above "below expectations" statuses, ebay documentation explicitly states that only the "below standard" penalty will apply, which happens to be the higher of the two.

More Fees

Additionally, there are supplemental fees for selling internationally, promoting your listing, potentially having sales tax processed, and various other miscellaneous ebay selling fees like making the title of your listing bold, for example. Our calculator should be able to handle all of these too. Just make sure to click on the right switches to indicate so and enter your values. If you're looking for more details about these, please see their corresponding details sections below.

Note that the final value fee is only applied when you successfully complete a sale.

Table 1 of Final Value Fees

  • When you're either not an ebay store or you're an ebay store on the starter plan

Table 2 of Final Value Fees

  • When you're an ebay store on the basic plan or higher

International Fee

  • There is an additional 1.65% ebay selling fee for international sales. This is calculated off of the "total sale amount", which includes shipping and sales tax.

Promoted Listings Fee

  • A Promoted Listings fee is charged based on the ad rate selected by the seller. The ad rate is a percentage of the total amount of the sale, which includes shipping and sales tax. In other words, it's calcuated in the same method as the final value fee. Note that this fee is only charged when a buyer clicks on the promoted listing and purchases the promoted item within 30 days of that click. Additionally, the fee is based on the ad rate that was in effect when the promoted listing was last clicked on by the buyer.

Other Miscellaneous Fees

  • For details about other miscellaneous ebay selling fees, such as optional listing upgrade fees, please check on ebay's website.

Notes About Sales Tax

  • Sales tax varies based on the state. (In some cases, it can even vary based on the city) As this is ever changing, we do not automatically provide this information but we do provide a comprehensive database where you can lookup the latest sales tax rates along with a field in our calculator where you can enter the rate if desired.
  • To look up the sales tax rate for a certain location, please visit our United States sales tax rates and calculator page to access our full sales tax rate database.
  • Sales tax is generally charged on total revenue which includes both the item sold price and shipping charge. However, there are some states that do not charge sales tax on shipping. Our calculator provides a field where you can specify whether sales tax should be applied on total revenue or only on the item price.
  • eBay automatically collects sales tax from buyers and remits sales tax on behalf of sellers when applicable in most states. In other words, it is the buyer who pays this tax so this will not directly cut into your profit. However, it can still indirectly affect your profit since the total sale amount used in fee calculations sometimes includes sales tax.
  • For more information about how ebay handles sales tax, please visit ebay's website.


  • Investomatica is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with ebay.
  • While we try our best to stay up to date with changes in fee rules and structures, we make no guarantee our calculator will be accurate. It is your responsibility to conduct your own due diligence before making any business decision.
  • If you notice that the fees have changed or if you notice a major miscalculation or error with our calculator, feel free to direct message us on twitter and let us know. However, if you have specific questions regarding ebay fees and your ebay account, please directly contact ebay support.

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