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United States Sales Tax Rates and Calculator

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To look up the sales tax for a location, simply search for it in the search box above.
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If you're selling an item and want to receive $0.00 after taxes, you'll need to sell for $0.00.

Enter an amount into the calculator above to find out how what kind of sales tax you'll see in United States. You'll then get results that can help provide you a better idea of what to expect.


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The United State is a large country that spans across an entire continent, from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Its system of governance includes many different levels and sections of government scattered across the nation. Each one of these, in their own respective locations, are able to set their own sales tax rates and as a result, sales tax can vary wildly depending on your exact location. In some areas, an entire state may have the same sales tax rate while in other areas, sales tax might be different even between two neighboring zip codes.

Our database of sales tax rates covers over 70,000+ locations within the entirety of the United States. That's all 50 states while also including Washington DC and Puerto Rico.

To find the most exact rates, search based on zip code at the top of the page. Otherwise, you can search for a larger geographical location and you'll see an average rate for that entire location along with other additional information.

For our international visitors, please note that sales tax in the United States is entirely paid by just the buyer in a sales transaction. This is different from most other countries in the world where sales tax manifests in the form of value added tax (VAT) where all parties in a transaction contribute to the tax.

Sales Tax Rates and Calculator Disclaimer

  • The data here only represents the estimated common sales tax rate in this particular location. There may exist many exceptions depending on the type of business, the type of product sold, and other factors. For the sake of accuracy, please double check the official government websites that we have linked to for more details.
  • Our sales tax calculator only estimates sales tax. It does not consider other taxes, which may also exist.
  • Investomatica is not a tax advisor. While we try our best to stay up to date with changes in tax codes, we make no guarantee our rate data and calculator will always be accurate. Generally, we review changes once a year. If you notice a major miscalculation or error with our calculator (most likely caused by a typo somewhere), feel free to direct message us on twitter and let us know. However, if you have specific tax questions, please consult a licensed tax professional.

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