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Map of Sweden

Enter your employment income into the salary calculator above to estimate how taxes in Sweden may affect your finances. You'll then get your estimated take home pay, an estimated breakdown of your potential tax liability, and a quick summary down here so you can have a better idea of what to possibly expect when planning your budget.

If you make 0 a year living in Sweden, we estimate that you'll be taxed 0. In almost all cases, your employer will automatically withhold this amount from your paychecks and thus your take home pay should be around 0 per year or 0 per month. Lastly, your average tax rate ends up being around 0 %. Note that this estimate is based only on the most common standard deductions and credits, if any. If you are eligible for additional deductions and credits, your taxes may differ.

To learn more about Sweden, its income tax, and tax brackets, so that you can get a deeper understanding of how your budget and finances may be affected, scroll down to the detail section below!

Quick Facts about Sweden

  • Name(s) in Native Language(s):Sverige
  • Main Language(s):Swedish
  • Currency:Swedish Krona (kr)
  • Capital:Stockholm
  • Total Population:10,402,070
  • Most Populous City:Stockholm
  • Time Zone(s):UTC+1
    (Summer: UTC+2)
  • International Phone Code:+46
  • Driving Side:Right
  • Climate:Ranges from temperate continental to subartic with generally warm summers and cold winters

An Introduction to Sweden

Sweden is the fifth largest country by area in Europe with a size of over 173 thousand square miles (449 thousand square kilometers) and a population of over 10 million. The country is located in Northern Europe and is bordered by Norway, Finland, the Baltic Sea, the Gulf of Bothnia, Skagerrak, and Kattegat. Its position is a strategic one as it lies along the Danish Straits linking the Baltic and North Seas. The capital of Sweden is located in Stockholm.

Within Sweden exists a mixed economic system with a variety of private freedom, centralized economic planning and government regulation. The Swedes have some of the highest standard of living and life expectancy in the world, thanks to their advanced welfare system.

Sweden is also a member of the European Union. The deregulation of the telecommunications, energy and air traffic sectors are some of the structural reforms that have taken place in Sweden since it became a member of the EU.

In the past, Sweden's economy has been heavily dependent on natural resources such as forests and ore, but information technology has now become one of the leading drivers of economic activity. Today, the Swedish economy is heavily dependent on a highly developed industrial sector with major companies including Ericsson, ASEA/ABB, Astra, Alfa Laval, SKF, Electrolux, Volvo and SAAB. Recently, large retail companies such as H&M and IKEA have also become quite prominent.

The success of Swedish design is also evident through the irresistible furnishings, textiles and lighting in cafes, restaurants and homes across the nation of Sweden, which is a place of excellent taste and attention to detail.

Sweden's beauty also extends to its natural assets. Taking time to leave the city behind will allow you to appreciate this country's natural beauty. The sense of space, solitude and freedom is matched by few corners of Western Europe, whether you are sailing across an archipelago to an island or trekking along a trail flanked by snowcapped mountains.

As far as the climate goes, the location of the country plays an important role as Sweden extends almost 1,000 miles (1,600 km) from north to south. The southernmost part of Sweden has a mean temperature of 32 degrees F (0 degrees C) in January, while the cold valleys in the far north have a mean temperature of 3.2 degrees F (-16 degrees C). There are times when winter temperatures can drop below -40 degrees F, which also happens to be -40 degrees in Celsius as well.

Sweden's geography is mostly flat with mountains in the west and the majority of its land area covered with plentiful forest. There are also a lot of lakes, rivers, and streams too. A large portion of the population lives in towns and cities located along the coast. The people of Sweden are quite diverse as, after World War II, large-scale immigration from other parts of Europe and from other parts of the world has taken place with the most common foreign ancestry being from neighboring Finland.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the income tax rate in Sweden?

The employment income tax rate in Sweden is progressive and ranges from 0% to 20% depending on your income for residents while non-residents are taxed at a flat rate of 25%. This income tax calculator can help estimate your average income tax rate and your take home pay.

How many income tax brackets are there in Sweden?

The income tax system in Sweden has 2 different tax brackets for residents. For more details, check out our detail section.

Sweden Tax Brackets and Other Information

The employment income tax system in Sweden is a progressive tax system. This means that your income is split into multiple brackets where lower brackets are taxed at lower rates and higher brackets are taxed at higher rates. Tax rates range from 0% to 20%.

For 2022 tax year

Taxable Income (SEK)Tax Rate
First 540,7000%
From 540,700 onwards20%

Each of the 290 municipalities in Sweden also have their own municipal income tax that residents are subject to. The tax rates vary wildly, but the average is around 32%.

A standard deduction exists in the form of a "grundavdrag", which translates to "basic deduction". This is calculated based on a complicated set of complex formulas/tables and the price base amount (PBB) which is called "prisbasbelopp", which for 2022 is 48,300 kr. Other deductions and credits also exist but are not included here as our calculator only focuses on standard ones that are available to most.

Non-residents are not eligible for any deductions and are taxed at a flat rate of 25%. However, they seem to be exempt from municipal tax.

Note that there is a special case for those who qualify as approved foreign experts with an income over a certain limit. Those that qualify may be eligible for a special tax deduction in the form of an expert tax relief which allows 25% of compensation to be exempt from income tax for a limited period of time.

Social Security in Sweden

The social security net and social welfare in Sweden is very impressive among the world's nations. In Sweden, social security is paid for by the employer with the exception of a portion of the pension, which employees are subject to contribute to. However, the pension fee is fully offset by a tax credit of an equal amount so there is essentially no cost for employees.

Resident status and income tax in Sweden

In general, those who have permanent stay in Sweden, a continuous stay exceeding six months in Sweden, or was previously a Sweden tax resident and still has an obvious connection to Sweden are considered tax residents and are taxed on worldwide income.

Non-residents are only taxed on income derived from sources in Sweden.

Salary Calculator Disclaimer

  • While internal calculations are not rounded, all final resultant numbers are rounded normally with numbers ending in 0.5 and above being rounded up.
  • Tax situations vary widely and calculations can get very complex. This income tax calculator only provides a rough estimate according to the most common scenarios for salary (standard employment income) that comes from an employer. If you are self-employed, your taxes might differ.
  • There may be additional deductions, credits, exemptions, allowances, reliefs, etc depending on many factors. Some factors are about your family such as the number of dependents, children, relatives, parents, etc. Other factors may include mortgage payments, property depreciation, charitible donations, additional voluntary retirement contributions, etc. Whether or not you are handicapped and/or disabled may also sometimes be an additional factor.
  • Depending on region and jurisdiction, salary bonuses may be treated and taxed differently from standard salary. Additionally, some cities may have city specific income tax.
  • This income tax calculator only estimates income tax. It does not consider other taxes like property tax, self-employment tax, capital gains tax, dividend tax, etc.
  • Income tax calculators from other sites may show slightly different numbers due to different deductions/credits being included or they are based on data from a different year.
  • Investomatica is not a tax advisor. While we try our best to stay up to date with changes in tax codes, we make no guarantee our salary calculator will be accurate. Generally, we review changes once a year. If you notice a major miscalculation or error with our salary calculator (most likely caused by a typo somewhere), feel free to direct message us on twitter and let us know. However, if you have specific tax questions, please consult a licensed tax professional.

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