Salary and Income Tax Calculators

A job is an investment of your time and resources that then produces income. For the majority of people, income from a job is the initial origin and source of their revenue which then becomes the capital used for daily expenses and further investments into side businessses, the stock market, real estate, etc.

In most places, a portion of your income will be withheld for various purposes by your employer. The majority of this portion goes towards taxes, especially in the form of income tax. By estimating income tax and other various withholdings, we can estimate your budget!

Why is this important?

By knowing ahead of time what your budget will roughly be, you can plan ahead and avoid bad surprises.

Are you looking for a new job in a new state? Perhaps you're thinking of going international? Maybe you're comparing job offers from different locations?

Check out our easy to use and up-to-date salary and paycheck calculators to get a good idea of what your take home pay may be after income tax and other withholdings so that you can better manage your budget and plan accordingly.

With over 100+ regions and territories supported, we aim to support you no matter where you go, whether that be to a local position or to an international location as an expat professional!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is income tax?

Income tax is a tax that is imposed on the income or profits earned by individuals and entities. Taxation rates vary wildly by location and the characteristics of each taxpayer. In most places, income tax will generally increase with higher income and employers will automatically deduct and withhold income tax from paychecks. More details can be found within each of our regional salary calculators.

Can I estimate my take home pay?

Yes, by estimating income tax, we can estimate your take home pay and your budget so that you can plan ahead. This list of salary calculators can provide a good idea of what your take home pay or salary after tax may possibly be.