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Calculate fees and profit when selling a vehicle on eBay Motors in Australia
Last updated on September 30, 2021

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Enter your values into the calculator above to calculate your fees and profit when selling on eBay Motors in Australia. You'll then get your estimated results and a quick summary down here.

Given the options that you've provided, if you sell a vehicle for 0 on eBay Motors in Australia, which you originally acquired for 0, then you should make 0 in profit after 0 in total fees. In terms of percentage, the fees end up being around 0 % of your revenue. This results in a profit margin of about 0 % after including your costs. Based on your item cost of 0, your return on cost should be around 0 %.

In order to breakeven, you'll need to sell for at least 0.

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Special Notes

  • This calculator is only for calculating fees and profits when selling vehicles on eBay Motors with ebay.com.au in Australia. If you're looking to sell non-vehicle items like parts and accessories under the eBay Motors category, please check out our normal eBay Calculator for ebay.com.au.
  • If you're using paypal as your payment processor and you make an international sale, both the percentage portion and the fixed portion of the paypal fee will vary based on the location of the buyer. The percentage portion will vary based on the region group while the fixed portion varies a little bit based on what currency the buyer uses to pay with. For simplicity's sake in this scenario, our calculator just uses the normal fixed fee from paying with Australian Dollars. (Note that the difference is only several cents) You can find more information about this below in the details about paypal fees section.

How are fees calculated on eBay Motors in Australia?

Fees vary based on the type of listing you choose and what options you select for your listing.

What percentage does eBay Motors in Australia take?

As far as fees go when selling vehicles on eBay Motors in Australia, all are small fixed fees. As a result of these fees being fixed, the percentage of your sale that these fees take up will obviously vary depending on the amount of the sale. For more details, check out the corresponding detail section below.

How much do eBay Motors in Australia and paypal take in fees?

For eBay Motors in Australia, most fees are small fixed fees under $70 while for paypal, the fee is 2.6% + $0.30 for domestic sales in Australia. If, on the other hand, you're collecting your payment in cash and not using paypal, your paypal fees will obviously be zero.

Do eBay Motor fees include GST in Australia?

eBay fees do not include GST if you provide your ABN (Australian Business Number) to ebay. Otherwise, the fees will include GST.

Details about eBay Motors Fees in Australia

Motors vehicles listings are those within the Vehicles categories.

Fees are much simpler when selling vehicles on eBay Motors when compared to selling anything else on ebay, which involves a final value fee that varies based on a multitude of factors.

There are basically just three main fees. They are the insertion fee, the final value fee, and the optional listing upgrade fees. All of these fees are small fixed amounts.

Insertion Fees

Source: ebay.com.au

Listing formatInsertion fee (includes GST)
Auction or fixed price$8.80
Classified Ad with Best Offer$21.99

Source: ebay.com.au as of September 30, 2021

Final Value Fee

Source: ebay.com.au

Listing formatFinal value fee (includes GST)
Auction or fixed price$66.00
Classified Ad with Best Offer$66.00

Source: ebay.com.au as of September 30, 2021

Optional Listing Upgrades

Source: ebay.com.au

FeatureFee (includes GST as indicated)
Reserve price
(not charged for a successful sale)
$16.45 (incl. GST)
Subtitle$2.20 (incl. GST)
Add Buy It Now to an auction

$0.11 (incl. GST) without a Store
$0.50 (excl. GST) for Stores subscribers

Scheduled listing$0.44 (incl. GST)

Source: ebay.com.au as of September 30, 2021

Notes about GST in the Australia

  • GST (Goods and Services Tax) is a VAT (Value Added Tax) that applies to everything including fees and revenue. The default GST rate is 10%.
  • eBay includes GST in their fees and tables for non-store sellers while not including GST in their fees and tables for ebay store sellers. However, this doesn't mean ebay will not collect GST from your fees if you're an ebay store. They will still collect GST so your real rates will simply be higher than those listed in the tables for ebay store sellers. All of our tables above have notes that mention this.
  • However, regardless of whether or not you're an ebay store or not, ebay's documentation also says that "if you're a business customer and are registered for GST in Australia, you can get a GST exemption if you register your Australian Business Number (ABN) with eBay." In other words, ebay says that "if you're a business customer and you provided your Australian Business Number (ABN) to eBay during registration, [they] won't add GST to your eBay fees." If this is the case for you, simply toggle the "provided abn to ebay" field in our calculator and GST will not be included in the ebay fees.
  • There seems to be some ambiguity about whether or not GST applies on paypal fees. Some sources indicate that paypal is a financial service and thus exempt. Our calculator assumes that this is the case and does not apply GST onto the paypal fees in our calculations. For more details, please consult with a tax professional.
  • As far as GST on revenue goes, there is a corresponding field for that in our calculator where you can enter the GST rate that you would like to apply to the revenue (item sold price + shipping charge). In other words, this means setting aside a portion of the revenue to pay for GST.

Details about Paypal Fees in Australia

Paypal fees are calculated based on the total sale amount (which includes shipping, if present).

Source: paypal.com/au

TypeFee Rate
Domestic Sales2.6% + $0.30
International Sales3.6% + fixed amount

Source: paypal.com/au as of September 30, 2021

For international sales, the fixed amount varies based on the currency that the buyer uses to pay with.

Source: paypal.com/au

Australian dollar0.30 AUD
Brazilian real0.60 BRL
Canadian dollar0.30 CAD
Czech koruna10.00 CZK
Danish krone2.60 DKK
Euro0.35 EUR
Hong Kong dollar2.35 HKD
Hungarian forint90.00 HUF
Israeli new shekel1.20 ILS
Japanese yen40.00 JPY
Malaysian ringgit2.00 MYR
Mexican peso4.00 MXN
New Zealand dollar0.45 NZD
Norwegian krone2.80 NOK
Philippine peso15.00 PHP
Polish zloty1.35 PLN
Russian ruble10.00 RUB
Singapore dollar0.50 SGD
Swedish krona3.25 SEK
Swiss franc0.55 CHF
Thai baht11.00 THB
UK pounds sterling0.20 GBP
US dollar0.30 USD

Source: paypal.com/au as of September 30, 2021

eBay Motors Calculator Disclaimer

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  • While we try our best to stay up to date with changes in fee rules and structures, we make no guarantee our calculator will always be accurate. It is your responsibility to conduct your own due diligence before making any business decision.
  • If you notice that the fees have changed or if you notice a major miscalculation or error with our calculator, feel free to direct message us on twitter and let us know. However, if you have specific questions regarding ebay fees and your ebay account, please directly contact ebay support. If you have specific questions regarding paypal fees and your paypal account, please directly contact paypal support.

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